Well, we are off to our traditional family Disney vacation!! We planned this trip because my husband has a busy summer ahead. He is set to open 5 restaurants back to back beginning in May! (You can read a little about his restaurant, Viva Chicken Here). Therefore, before he gets super busy and tied up with that – we are going to have so much fun with him, making memories.

When my husband and I travel, I pack all sorts of jewelry, fake lashes, all my wedges, heels etc! You get where i’m going πŸ˜‰ But when we go with the kids, I’m a flat sandals and all for comfort kind of mommy! My son who is 3 still loves to be picked up and carried so it’s all the more reason for comfortable shoes.

On to these sandals… As I stated in my caption for my IG.Β  My style is totally versatile! I’m seriously all over the place. I’m the same with music because I love pop, rock, hip hop, love songs, rap, christian /worship music, and I also enjoy some country music! So that’s kind of how I am with my style. Of course I love designer wear πŸ˜‰ I swear it’s how God made meΒ  (LOL, that’s what I tell my husband) I can walk into a store that has both designer or non and if I blindly pick out just based on the look… I swear its designer! Without me even knowing whether it was or not! It’s kind of funny I gravitate towards name brands but also kind of sad because I can’t always afford designer things. I do get over it quick though. Plus since I became a mom…. like most moms – I’d rather spend it on my kids. And no, I don’t buy them designer anything! I think that is crazy (personally) because they grow out of clothes and shoes so fast! My go-to for them is Old Navy, Target and Marshall’s for any of their athletic wear like Under Armour, Nike or Addidas clothing. Those everyday fun brands that are also so costly! So exactly what I mean when I say, I’d rather spend it on the kids is I love buying them toys to play with… like everyday a new toy (if i could)! The joy they get out of going to Target or the Disney store to pick out a new toy makes my heart smile. OR instead of buying them expensive clothing (or for myself) save money to take them on their disney trips (we go 3 or 4 times a year).

Anyways, back to the sandals –Β  So besides my cute Tory burch and the Gucci sandals I just recently purchased. I found the other 2 super freaken’ cute ones for $13.99 at ROSS!!! I seriously was so excited about finding them in my size too. I don’t go in there too often, mainly because I don’t have patience to search and search (same with Marshall’s). But when you have a husband who is getting concerned about your spending right before vacation….. you go to Ross (haha)! I really just went in there to see if I would even find anything and I’m so glad I went because I am in love with these sandals and their price!!

I don’t have the prettiest feet to model these lol. But the leaf ones look so darling across my feet, It’s such a pretty design and not to mention that color – it can go with anything! Also, the light pink ones are so adorable with that little bling around them!! The bottom soles of those are so soft! I hope you can find them in a Ross near you if you love the look of them as much as I do! The pink ones would be a great pair to have for the price if you can’t afford the Tory Burch ones and you love the make up color like I have.

My Tory Burch in the makeup color are just the best to go with almost everything! I recently also purchased these black ones to be my new pool go-to sandals.

My brand new ones, besides the Ross purchase are these Gucci sandals below πŸ™‚ It was a splurge, but I love the new design and it’s always good to have a pair of nice gold sandals in my opinion. Also sandals /shoes in general are things that will last a while, kind of like a handbag, so a little splurge is worth it every once in a while πŸ˜‰