Travel essentials

So when it comes to make up I’m kind of basic ! I don’t own or use any foundation on my face. It’s pretty much eye make up and blush if I need an extra pick me up or to go out in the evenings.

In other words I don’t and won’t be giving any makeup tips or advice (LOL)

But I’m sharing a few things I love to take with me when I travel. Number 4 is specifically to Las Vegas (where we go once a year)

  1. My usual everyday makeup LV bag and some different lip colors I like to play with as well as eyeshadows.

2. My super cute jewelry travel box

This is such a cute and feminine travel case for jewelry! I actually don’t wear as much jewelry as I used to before kids. So this is really the perfect size for me.

If you do wear lots of jewelry, there are bigger ones than this version.

Also depending on how long your vacay is – When I travel for more than a weekend, of course I bring more, but this particular trip will be a Friday – Monday.

So for this trip, I have jewelry on the side pockets. Hair clips and hair pins in the little pocket under the mirror, along with my duo glue adhesive for my lashes πŸ˜‰

My rings and contact case are also kept here. I also bring an extra pair on contacts just in case while traveling.

This whole little box goes in my carry on since these are things that are very valuable to me.

Below is mine and you can see all my things inside that I mentioned. You can get your Wolf ‘ChloΓ© zip jewelry case Here

3. Moisturizer

Im not the best at washing my face at night. In fact I really almost don’t! I go to sleep with make up and I don’t have many breakouts which I think the reason for that is probably bc I don’t wear foundation etc.

But what I do love to do for my face is moisturize it !!!! I have super dry skin, which I hate. In the winter it can get really bad, so I help it by using my most favorite moisturizer. It really has made a huge difference. And it feels so ahhhhmazing when I apply it on!

It is the Night-A-Mins mineral enriched renewal cream by Origin. Besides feeling amazing on, its smells amazing and it also gives you a nice little glow to your skin!

Yes it is meant for a “night time” cream but I love it so much I use it in the mornings most of the time. Sometimes both if I’m not too lazy to clean my face and have face wipes available (hehe). I’m putting the link to this amazing face moisturizer cream Here .

4. Lilly Lashes

I never travel to Vegas without my Lilly lashes πŸ˜‰

A Disney world trip or cruise – I never bring them. But Vegas is a whole other thing!!!

These are the best lashes ever! You will see me with these on in pics this very weekend ! They are amazing quality and look so great on everyone comments on them. And I proudly wear them bc who doesn’t love long beautiful lashes ?!

You can search through them Here

Of course hair spray, dry shampoo (especially for Disney trips) and my self spray tanner (for my face) are also a few must to say the least. But this is it for now.

Thank you for reading and following along πŸ™‚


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